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Johnny Seay - The Good Years (1958-1999) Featuring 41 Years of His Earliest, To His Latest Recordings



   1. Three Six Packs, Two Arms, and a Juke Box

   2. My Baby Walks All Over Me

   3. My Old Faded Rose

   4. Willie's Drunk and Nellie's Dyin'

   5. Behind My Baby's Bedroom Door

   6. Nothin's Bad As Bein' Lonely

   7. Everybodys Friend

   8. Everyday

   9. Why Can't I Just Come Home (And You Be Gone)

  10. Standing Room Only

  11. Mystery Train

  12. There's Another Man


  13. Hitchin' And Hikin'

  14. If It Weren't For Hard Luck (I'd Have No Luck At All)

  15. It's A Shame

  16. It Won't Be Easy To Forget

  17. Mary Rocks Him To Sleep

  18. (IF)

  19. Fort Worth Girl

  20. Tecumseh Valley

  21. Strawberry Roan

  22. In The Early Morning Rain

  23. Ballad Of The Tarantula Express

  24. The Brazos River Song


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