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You will notice I signed some of my work "John Tyson Seay" a name I made up so as not to be confused with Johnny Seay the singer. Dumb, I know it, but at the time I was really down on the music business and didn't want people to thank I was one in the same as the singer. I wanted my work to stand on its own without the help of my past success in music. Anyway, I stopped using the name a long time ago. I do use "John Luther" Seay some time. as that was my nickname while working on the railroad. A lot of my old friend still call me John Luther. If you didn't know, John Luther Jones was" Casey Jones" real name. Well on the railroad I was tagged with "John Luther" because I was always trying to make it in on time. That's what killed Casey Jones, but I got away with it and I'm proud of that nickname.
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