Publications Publications I was doing Willie's Drunk and Nillie's Dying for the first time on the Opry This is only part of the article that was in the Nashville Tennessean sometime in 1970. The first part is lost. If anyone knows how I can find the it, HELP. 76990698 77101006 Here's the complete cliping . We found it, though it's a little hard to read. 77101016 77101007 77101009 77101010 77101011 77101012 The picture that says "Margie Bowes" and Johnny Seay is not Margie,but June Carter. 77101013 This was my first record. 77101015 77101017 77102237 77101697 77101698 77101699 This just the cover Will try and get the seven page artical upsoon. The story about me writing the "Willie's Drunk and Nellie's Dying" with pictures Willie and Nellie York. 77104211 From a play I was in. 77104212 77104213 77104214 77104215 77104216 77104217 77104218 77104219 77107259 77107260 77107261 Maj. John Seay receiving and Award. 77107262 Test run crew for the SP 1744 at North Ft. Worth, TX Crew top L to R; Gary McCord, William Balzen. Middle; David Morris. Trackside; Cy Martin, Richard Benton, Joe Dale Morris, John Luther Seay, Ron Larson & Richard Lohse. 79556852 This was in New Orleans, La.I helped rebuild this steam engine and went from Ft. Worth, Texas with it a stayed three or four months down there to help get it running and crews trained to opperate it. 77127016 More on Engine 1744 I helped rebuild and run. 77134711 The next three pictures made on the first test run in Fort Worth, Texas where we rebuilt her. The rebuilding took over a year and about $600,000. The 1744 stayed in New Orleans from 200 until around 208. It's now running in Colorado. 77142842 Here I'm Engineer. 77142843 Here I'm Fireman. 77142844 1958 or 59 77209353 The most recent artical about Willie York and the song I wrote about. 77209354 Part #2 of artical on Willie York 77209355 Willie York in front of his house on Big East Fork Road 77210574 Willie, Nellie York, Johnny Seay with Grandson "Froggy in front" 77210575 Producer Eddie Kilroy, Johnny Seay, Froggy, Willie and Life Magazine editor David Snell. Willie had just given me his old shotgun. I wish I still had it, but it was stolen for me. The old gun was broken everywhere, nothing on it worked. Willie had and old hose clamp around it to keep the breech closed and a rubber band for a hammer spring. In this shot I'm pulling the rubber band (cut from and old intertube) back to the hammer. 77210576 In this shot you can see Big East Fork Road in the back ground. The bridge crosses Big East Fork Creek. 77210577 In this shot, I'm visiting with the son of the man Willie killed in 1944. Mr. Reed had never met Willie and didn't want to. I met at the request of David Snell of Life Magazine. I had never really thought much about the otherside of the story. This was at the request of David Snell of Life Magazine. I had never really thought much about the other side of this story until David wanted me to meet the son of the man Willie killed. 77210578 John Seay was Squadron Comander of the 131st Air Search and Rescue Composite Squadron, USAF Aux CAP 78702781 Having a Wichester Show at Rio Vista, Texas 78702782