Art and Engraving of Johnny Seay Art and Engraving of Johnny Seay Hollow Horn Bear, Lakota 71922713 71925849 Lakota Warrior (Clay Original) The original has to be destroyed while making a mold for casting in bronze. 71925850 Another view of "Lakota Warrior" 71925851 Lakota Warrior (Clay) 71925855 Lakota Warrior (Clay) 71925867 76753173 Lakota Warrior (Clay) by John Seay 71925874 Texas Longhorn's on the Miller Ranch 71925853 War Horse 71925854 Tom Mix 71925856 Souix Warrior 71925857 Pen & Ink Cowboy 71925858 Northwest Trapper 71925859 Lakota Warrior on Horse 71925861 71925862 Blackfoot look of the early 1900's. 71925863 Vaughn Harris, Cowboy all his life. Vaughn Harris was the father of Mary Miller, wife of Riley Clyde Miller. I painted this portrait of Vaughn Harris for Mary Miller in 1970. It took me a month to complete it, as I really wanted it to be perfect. It won a few Blue Ribbon's.. 71925864 Kiowa 71925865 This was my first Indian Bronze 71925869 Back of first Indian Bronze 71925870 Winchester display Johnny built for Gun Shows which won him some Awards 71925872 This is one of ten chair's I built along with an eight foot long tableover 35 years ago and we're still using them.. 71925873 Clyde Miller reading letter from Bessie on roundup 1917 71925875 Man of the West 71925876 Souix Warrior 71925877 James E. Caldwell, cowman 71925878 Model 78 Browning Engraved by John Seay 71925879 Model 78 Browning Engraved by John Seay 71925880 Model 78 Browning Engraved by John Seay 71925881 Friend or Enemy 71925884 Two Snows Back 71925885 Souix 71925886 Two Star Seay, Johnny's wife I did this from memory in a hotel room (The Will Rogers Hotel) in Clairemore, Okla. I was missing Star so much, I walked down to a drug store and bought a kid's watercolor set and pad, went to my room and painted this picture. 71925887 Working up a design on paper with pencil Most of the time I start working on an engraving design with pencil and paper. 72985168 Indian in Pastel 72985169 Johnny at his engraving bench 72985170 Johnny engraving a Colt with Hammer & Chisel. 72985171 Johnny at work engraving 72985172 Winchester 1894 engraved by Johnny Seay 72985173 Winchester and Colt engraved by Johnny Seay 72985174 Colt 1911 engraved by John Seay 72985175 Indian in pencil & watercolor 72985176 Indian in colored pencil 72985177 Colt 1911 engraved by John Seay 72985178 1885 45-90 engraved by John Seay 72985179 1885 in the white being engraved 72985180 1885 in the white being engraved 72985181 Barrel of 1885 with 24 kt. gold inlay 72985182 1885 completed 72985183 One of a pair of Colt 45's I did to match for G.V. Peer The next few pictures are of the 45's in progress and finished. They are shown in the white (no finish) and completed with silver plating. 76751162 76751163 76751164 76751166 76751167 Engraving a Marlin 1897 76751165 1894 Winchester 76751168 1894 Winchester top view 76751169 1894 Winchester top view 76751170 More top view 76751171 Another top view 76751681 View of the shock with the inlay I made with the costumers brand. 76751172 A Ruger Bear Cat I did for W.A. Huntsbuger 76751173 The Huntsburger Ruger 76751174 The G.V. Peer Colt's finished and with Silver plating and Fire Blue Trim. These are a pair I engraved exactly same. 76751675 76751676 G. V. Peer Colt 76751678 The cylinder of one of the Clot's 76751679 The pair in progress 76751680 Working on a Colt 76751682 The next few photo's are of knife's I engraved 76753169 76753170 76753171 76753172 More photo's of the G.V. Peer Colt's in progress 76846774 76846775 76846776 76846777 A Smith & Weson I did for J. Martin Baysinger. 78404643 Lakota (Watercolor) 78404642 P-51D Mustang, a plane I'd love to fly. I did this just to show I could paint airplaine's. 81624407