Johnny and Friends Johnny and Friends Western Artist Bob Moline & Sonny King. Two good friend visiting me at the ranch. 70772008 My son Chancey standing and my friend Sonny King and I on the bench. We were doing a little target shooting for fun on my ranch. Some shooting and visiting on a very nice day. 70772009 Time out for a photo. Sonny King, Chancey Seay & John Seay on the grass strip where I do a lot of Crop Dusting from at Aquilla Texas. 70772010 At the end of a very important shooting event. My grand son, Tyler R. Lester has just won the $20.00 dollar pot in a shooting contest between myself and friends. Left to right; John Seay, Freddie Hostler, "Skillet" Wigington, Tyler Lester, "Dapper Dad" Carey and Chuck Thorton. 70772012 Friends having a cool one. Myself and "Bulldog" McLeroy, Patch Man the dog in background. 70772016 Leroy VanDyke & myself at a show in Ft Worth, Texas. Leroy and I had the same manager bank in the 1960's. We did a lot of shows together, even a movie. 70772017 Claude Gray & myself. 70772018 Meself & Jim Ed Brown. 70772019 Leon Rouch and Johnny Seay 70772021 Friends at show in Ft. Worth, Chris Giles Me & Bill Giles. Bill Giles is a great horseman and cowboy. Bill also writes Cowboy Poetry. 70772023 Friends at the Ft. Worth show 2008 Ken & Donna, Donna took a lot of good pictures there. 70772024 Interview on XM Radio Myself and Eddie Kilroy. I sure miss Eddie being on XM Radio. I think he should be back there on the air... 70772025 Johnny Seay & Jennie Sealy 70772026 Poker with pard's 70772027 Jenny Sealy, Johnny Seay & Durwood Hadock. Carrol Parham in the back. 70772028 Carrol Parham, Darrell McCall & Johnny Seay 70772029 Kent Heineman and Johnny Seay Kent came to my home to do and interview all the way from Sweden 70772030 Amanda Shires & Johnny Seay having fun. Now this young lady can do something. She can play fiddle & sing and I mean good. I'm just trying to keep up. 70772031 Star, Johnny Seay & Eddie Kilroy and wife Elizabeth WThis photo was made at the Red Stegall Cowboy Gathering in North Fort Worth Texas. 73249204 Proud to be with these two hero's. Gen. Chuck Yeager and Gen. Charles Duke I was hunting quail near Abilene, Texas with these two Great men and it took a lot of courage on my part, to ask them for a photo with me. As you know, Gen. Yeager was the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound and was a fighter pilot from WWII through Vietnam. Gen. was also a fighter pilot and an Astronaut who went to the Moon. Just because they were high flyer's, they are nice people and down to earth. 73421646 L to R: Johnny Seay, "Hobo" Bo Powell, "SunKink" Sonny King & "Dapper" Dan Carey Friends of mine 73450007 About 1969 on the Miller Ranch near Justiceburg, Texas. The Miller's really helped me get myself together after leaving Nashville and the music business by letting work on the ranch and getting myself back to normel. Nashville was not good for me. I had some goodtimes there and made some friends, but I never really like living there. 73488072 Slingin' a little lead on the ranch target range. That's a Colt 44 WCF (44-40) and one of my favorate's. It'll put'um were you want'um! 73538899 Riley & Mary Miller, These two people are like parents to me and have done more to help me in life than anyone. 73584122 Skillet's last weekend on the Cross & Grave Ranch 'Skillet' Wigginton was a friend and Chuckwagon Cook. This photo was on a weekend when we had the chuckwagon set up for friends and we all had a great time. Good food and good visiting whit a little music around the campfire. Skillet died a few months later and we all miss him. 73656009 Another shot of the Chuckwagon and camp 73656010 Birthday cake at the chuckwagon. L to R: Granddaughter Michaela, wife Star, daughter Fawn, John Seay and Bo Powell tending cake... 73656011 Johnny Spraying Cross K Ranch for weeds. The Cross K Ranch is owned by Eddie Kilroy and his wife Elizabeth That coastal hay field I'm spraying lies between their house and I-35W just north of Hillsboro, Texas. 74605640 Another shot spraying Kilroy's Coastal Hay field Weed spraying March 18, 2010 on the Cross K Ranch for Eddie Kilroy. 74605641 Pulling up over Eddie Kilroy's house while spraying his ranch. Eddie Kilroy's wife took these photos on March 18, 2010. She in her yard and I'm pulling up to go over their house in this shot. 74605642 Bob Wooton and Johnny Seay Bob was Johnny Cash's guitar for many years after Luther Perkins died. 76746643 Sonny King, Harvey Lyons & Johnny Seay Good friends. Harvey has passed. He was a Locomotive Engineer on the Santa Fe Ry. Sonny and I both worked on the Santa Fe. This photo was made about 1986. Sonny had returned from a U. S. Army Training School and I was Squadron Commander of the 131st Air Search Rescue Squadron USAF Aux. Sonny and I were in shape back then and could run five or six miles. We wee about to take a run. 76747684 Chancey Seay, Guy Golemon, Johnny Seay & Johnny Seay lll My son's and I with Guy Golemon. Guy wrote a couple of song I do. 76747685 Riley Clyde Miller, Cowboy and Friend 1969. This man gave me my life back after show business tried to make me like so many of my friend's who are now dead... I wish they had gone with me. 77563886 Mona and Darrell McCall 1974 or 75. I took this photo when on a visit to Nashville at the McCall's home. Darrell and I have been friends since I first arrived in Nashville in 1960. 78697230 Another great cowboy and friend. Kid Marley 2000. This photo was made in 2000 at the 100th Year of the Miller Bros. Ranch held at Gail, Texas. Johnny Seay and Kid Marley. We both worked on the Miller Ranch as cowboy's in times past. 77563887 Great friend and cowboy Gene Cadell and me. 78697231 SP 1744 on first mainline test run Sept. 9, 2000. Pictured L to R top;Gary (Owlhead) McCord, William (Black Stack) Balzen, Top middle: David Morris. On the ground L to R; Cy Maitin, Richard Benton, Joe Dale Morris (who was ramrod on the project), John "Luther" Seay, Ron Larson, Richard Lohse. The 1744 preformed just as good as she did 99 years before. The work on this engine took us over a year and over $600,000 to restore. She was built in 1901 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. 78699944 Eddie, Johnny, and Mel Good friends. 132564966 Mel, Johnny and Star Johnny and Mel and my Mom having fun visiting on Mel's bus. 132564967 Mel Tillis and Johnny Seay Mel, came to Glen Rose Texas and meet with longtime friend Johnny . They had a good time talking about old times and new one's . 132565878