Johnny's Family and Ranch/Home Photo's Johnny's Family and Ranch/Home Photo's Granddaughter Michaela Georgia Lester Johnny's Granddaughter 70663361 Mary, Fawn & Lakota three of Johnny's Daughter's Johnny's Daughters 70762171 Dad & Lakota Johnny & His Daughter Lakota 70762172 The Fam Johnny & Family - Chancey (Son), Johnny, Jake (Son-in-Law), Tyler (Grandson), Fawn (Daughter), Star (Wife), Mary (Daughter), Michaela (Granddaughter) 70772011 Dad and Mom Johnny and wife Star 70762173 Two son's, John lll, Chancey and Dad hunting on Buxton ranch. 70762174 Chancey and John lll, Dad's son's 70762175 Riley Miller sporting coat Dad and Mom made for him. 70762176 Tyler rabbit hunding with Michaela helping him show off his kill. 70762177 Daughter Mary and Dad. 70762178 Johnny Seay's son John Allan Seay lll and Grandson Tyler Seay 70762181 Dad's son John lll, Daughter-in-law Sherrie and Grandson's John IV and Tyler 70762182 Johnny and daughter Fawn making music for fun. 70762183 Chancey and Dad hunting on the Miller Ranch 70762185 Johnny Seay & Ben Miller, a close friend. We are on the Miller Ranch between Justiceburg & Gail, Texas at a place we call Lone Cedar. We had just scatered the ashes of my old friend and great cowboy Ray "Kid" Marley there as he wished.. 70772032 Dad and Mom by Steam Engine UP 3985 70762186 Dad and Mom on their ranch 70762188 Dad and Mom doing a little flying 70762190 Dad with Son's and Grandson's 70789009 Chancey, Dad and John lll. The three Seay's 70789010 John Seay lll and Son's Tyler and John IV 70789011 Lakota Seay Daughter # 6. 70806697 Dad and his friend Pokieboy giving dad a hug 70807243 Dad, Chancey and son-in-law Jake Lester 70808736 Dad and grandson Tyler Lester. Dad calls him T.R. 70808738 Dove hunting 70808739 Newest Granddaughter, Aayla Rain 70808740 Dad with Granddaughter Aayla Rain 70808741 Aayla Rain at about one year old. 70808744 Aayla 70808746 Daughter Amber and her kids 70808742 Grandson Tyler 70808743 T.R. and his Dad Jake lester taking the high ground. 70808745 The family that hunts together, stays together. 70808747 Johnny Seay and daughter Fawn Raven (Seay) Lester 70808748 Johnny Seay's daughter Mary Checotah Two Star Seay 70808750 Johnny's daughter and granddaughter Alana and Alura 70808753 Grand daughter's Michaela and Alura 70808756 Grand daughter's Jana and Micheala 70808754 Dad with daughter's Sabra and Mary 70808755 Grandson Tyler Roy Lester 70808758 Little Fawn Raven and my wifeTwo Star about 1978 73540595 Fawn Raven (Seay) Lester at age seven. I (Dad) was trying to make her proud of her Indian Blood. 73642931 Dad's daughter Fawn Raven (Seay) Lester 70808757 Granddaughter Micheala Georga Lester 70808759 Paw and Micheala 70808760 Grandson's John Allan Seay IV and Tyler Seay 70808761 Shannon Sea Johnny's first born daughter, Shannon. Shannon like to use SEA not the correct spelling SEAY. She is a lot like me, John Seay. Hard headed. 70808762 Dad's daughter Shannon's daughter's, Coniegh and Sidney 71350742 Michaela Cheer Johnny's Granddaughter, Michaela, in her cheer photo. 70809294 Tyler ,Football player. Johnny's Grandson, Tyler, as football player for Glen Rose, Texas Jr. High. 70809295 Johnny and daughter Fawn in a pasture camping out and making music 73540596 Christmas at the Seay Ranch and Home. 73540597 One of our Longhorn Steer's. He is a big one. About 1800 lbs. 73540598 On our ranch 73540599 Some of our cows. 73540600 Riley and Mary Miller. These wonderful people are like parents to me and have add much to my life with teaching and love. 73549731 Winter on our ranch 2010 73635161 Winter on the ranch 2010 73635162 My dog Pokieboy not to happy about winter 2010 73635163 Winter on the "Cross & Grave Ranch" that's the name of our ranch as that is our brand. 73635164 Early in the morning from in front of our house looking south across the valley. 73651531 Newest Grand daughter; Aayla Rain (Mary's child) Aayla Rain is the love in my life. Picture was made at 18 mo's. She thinks Johnny Seay somebody... We're pal's. 78206727 A fawn & Pokieboy making friends in our house. 73651532 My wife Star and one of the Fawns she has raised. They stay inthe house for a few weeks. 73651533 Star and Micheala feeding baby deer. 73651534 This is our oldest cow. Twenty plus years and had a calf last year. 73931046 Looking southwest across the valley from in front of our house. 73931047 Two Star Seay, Wife of Johnny Seay 1986 76664309 My daughter Shannon in the early 1970's with Riley Miller on the the Miller Ranch 76664310 My Son Chancey Mandan Seay with My mother Helen. Mother is 80 years old in this photo. My Mother sure looks younger than 80 in this photo. She died just two weeks before her 84th birthday. 76664311 Johnny Seay and new daughter Shannon 1962 This is one of the first photos made of Johnny and his first child Shannon. Made in 1962 when Shannon was about two or three months old. That old 1950 Ford Pickup is the one Johnny drove from Nashville to Hollywood in with his new wife early in 1962 with hopes of movie work. Long story, but movie work didn't happen at that time and through friend and cowboy/movie actor Ben Johnson got ranch work. The dog is Luke. Luke was less than a year old in this photo. Luke was given to Johnny by Johnny Western who suggested Johnny Seay come out to Hollywood and try for movie parts. Western thought Johnny was a natural for Hollywood, but the movie people didn't have time for a country music singer named Johnny Seay in 1962. Luke was a good friend and Johnny loved him. Luke was killed by a Rattle Snake on the Miller Ranch in 1973. 76666994 Johnny Seay the 3rd & 4th 76749856 Johnny Seay on a ranch horse 76749857 Johnny Seay riding a new colt. C.M. Russell was the best horse I ever had. I was braking him at the time of this photo. I loved this colt and he was the best I ever broke and trained. Sayly, he died as a three year old. Seams something always happens to the good ones. 76749858 Johnny on C.M. Russell again a few months after the above photo. 76749859 This photo was made about 1975 I think. All my sister's and my brother and mother are here. 76787505 My wife and Sonny King's wife Bonnie having fun in Sonny's Model A Ford 76787506 New baby on the Cross & Grave Ranch 76787507 Johnny and friends at a Chuckwagon gathering 76787508 Johnnyand long time friend Sonny King 76787509 Star & Johnny about 2005 76823424 Mama Mary and Riley Clyde Milller. God bless these wonderful people for all the good things they've brought to my life. 77147010 Daughter Shannon and Grand Daughter 77205994 A cowboy's cowboy. Riley Miller 1968 or 69. 77463032 Johnny Seay with grand kids. 77463034 John Seay and first cousin "Tinker" Weekly Tink and I are looking at very old cedar tree on my place. It takes hundreds of years for this kind of Juniper Tree to get this big. It's about fifty feet tall. 78697808 Young seven year old daughter Amber Seay, now (Hummer). 78143867 My Mother Hellen and me. This picture was made at a family reunion back when I was still railroading. 78697809 Aayla Rain, Johnny's newest granddaughter at 18 mo's. 79543626