The Early Years Through Now The Early Years Through Now My Dad with his mother, Helen, in 1942 70357888 My Dad and his sister Jo Ann with thier Father John Seay, Sr. in 1944 70357890 Johnny as a boy scout in 1950 70357883 1954 at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA. 1954 at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA. My dad was a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol on summer encampment and was about to have his first ride in a jet aircraft, a Lockeed T-33. 70107716 Johnny at age 17 in 1958, first recording session for NRC Records. 70357891 My Dad at age 16 with his High School Sweetheart, Joyce Ledford Joyce was my first real love and this photo was made before I got involved in the music business. After leaving home to find my way in the world, I just abanndoned Joyce and I have felt sorry for that for a long time. She was a sweet girl and I still think about her. I'm sure there are many people who wonder about what life would have been like if they had stayed with their first love. 70357886 Age 18, Louisiana Hayride in 1958 70357893 Back stage at the La. Hayride 1958. L to R, Ed Forester, my guitarman, Margie Singleton recording artist and friend Johnny Seay and down in front, Pee Wee Moore Bassman. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Ed Forester. Please let me know. 71472892 The first show I was on. The Georga Jubilee 1958. 70660035 Louisiana Hayride 1958 70357892 Fisher, LA 1959 with first motorcycle. Note: Winchester in bedroll. I was, I think 19 yr's old in this photo. You can just make out the butt stock of the 1892 Winchester saddle carbine in my bedroll. Tis was my first Winchester and I was very proud if it. I have collected many Winchester over the yaers since. I even wrote a song about Winchesters. 70384581 My first Harley 1959. 70384608 Johnny Performing 70384583 1959 when I was on the La. Hayride. 70384588 1961 roughing it The old truck in the background was my 2nd Model "A" Ford. I sold that truck to Marty Robbins a short time later to get a little money together for my trip to Hollywood... I had the movies in mind. The rest is a long story. 70384589 My old Model "A" Ford. 1961 70660003 70660004 Germany 1966 70384585 Stan Hitchcock & Johnny Seay in Germany 1966. 70660010 Johnny at Will Rogers home in California, 1967 70384587 Can you guess who? Billy Swan, Johnny Seay & Mel Tillis about 1967. 70384597 1968 at home near Franklin, TN 70384590 A young Cowboy named "Johnny Seay". 70384593 Singing to the cows or horses. or maybe to myself. Can't remember. 70384609 July 4, 1966 at McAuthor Park July 4, 1966 at McAuthor Park, Los Angelas California, performing Day For Decision with Disney Land Orchestra. Johnny traveled to Los Vegas right after this show to perform Day For Decision on the Liberace Show at the Sierra Hotel that same night. 70384586 Recording session for Warner Bro's in Hollywood. Manager Gene Nash and me. 70384598 Recording in Hollywood for Warner Bro's. This was during the "Day for Decision" album session. Ernnie Freeman conducting, myself Dick Glasser can be seen, Dick was my A&R amn then. The guitar player with profile showing is, James Burton. One of the other guitar players is Glen Campbell, not seen. 70384599 Hollywood. Gene Nash, Ernnie Freeman & Me. 70384600 Recording 70660012 While fliming in Colorado 70384594 Fliming in Colorado 70384595 Fliming in Colorado 70384596 Filming in Colo. 70384601 Filming in Colo. 70384602 Filming in Colo. 70384603 Filming in Colo. Steamboat Springs. 70384605 Filming in Steamboat Springs. 70384606 Filming in Colo. 70384607 70660013 Laveta, CO 1982 hunting elk. Johnny and D M Parks. 70384582 Just back from a Wyoming elk hunting trip, about 1980. 70384604 Hunting on the Miller Ranch1975. 70660002 Riley Miller & Johnny Seay on the Miller Ranch Riley Miller is one of the most important people in my life. Had it not been for this man showing me the way to all many of my boyhood dreams, I would have missed out on much of it. He was my mentor. 70384610 At the end of the trapping season 1978. 70660005 Furs I trapped, ready to ship. 1978. 70660006 Hunting Coyote's back in my trapping day's. This was on the Miller Ranch about 1978. 70767457 This was about 1979 at the Pow Wow in Eagle Butte, SD. I had just received my Indian name "Ho Wasta' " (Good Voice) from the Sioux. I had let my hair grow long for a few years back then, as I have Indian blood and very proud of it. I'm member of the Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama with a roll number in that tribe. 70660009 That dog and I were close friends. Johnny Western gave him to me in 1961. His name was Luke. Luke was killed by a rattler in 1972 on the Miller Ranch and is buried there. He was a great dog. We grewup together. 70660008 John Seay at a Gun Show in 1980. I built the display for my Winchester's and won a few shows with it. 70660001 In my old art studio, Showing a rifle I engraved. 70660007 The first photo taken of me in Nashville 1960 by Bing T. Gee. I was 20 years old. 70660014 Another photo made by Bing Tee Gee, 1960 70660015 Filming a TV Show 1960. 70660017 Fliming a TV Show in Nashville 1960. 70660016 1961 70660018 Dallas Texas at movie premiere of "What Am I Bid". A movie I was in with Leroy Vandyke, Faron Young, Tex Ritter and Al Hurt. 1967 70660019 1960 70660020 1960 70660021 1961 70660022 Filming of a Faron Young Show in Nashville 1960 or 61. 70660023 1960 70660024 1960 70660025 1960 at Bradley's Studio Nashville. 70660026 70660027 1960 70660028 1961 70660029 1960 in studio 70660030 Early 1960 I think. This photo was made by Guy Gilemon on the west bank of the Red River near Lucus, LA. 70660031 1960 70660032 1960 70660033 Westside of the Red River in Shreveport, LA. My first car is in the background, a 1929 Model "A" Ford. 70660034 Nashville WSM TV Studio getting ready for the Ralph Emery Show. 70660036 Picture of Willie York, Nellie Yory with their grandson "Froggie" along with My self and Kid Marley in front of Willie's house on the Big East Fork. 70767448 A play I was in, 1961. 70767450 Working on the railroad. 1995. 70384592 "John Luther" Seay Locomotive Engineer The "John Luther" is my railroad nickname. All railroads have nicknames. I got mine for alway trying to make it to the station on time just like John Luther "Casey" Jones did. Only I got away with it. 70767451 Back stage at the Grand Ol' Orpy with my wife Star and E. Ashworth 70767452 Doing the E. Tubb Record Shop Show after the Orpy in 1992, That's Bill Monrow in the background. 70767453 Backstage at the Opry with Grand Pa Jones my wife Star and George Mc Corrmick who played with Grand Pa. 70767455 Backstage at the Opry in Roy Acuff's dressing room with my wife Star and me. 70767456 Jeanie Sealy, Johnny Seay, Durwood Hadock Carroll Parham 70767458 Carroll Parham, Darrell Mc Call and Johnny Seay 70767459 Johnny with wife Star and Grant Turner at the Orpy 70767460 Billy Walker & Johnny Seay at the Orpy 70767461 Johnny recording 1961 70767464 The Cowtown Hoedown Ft. Worth Texas 1958. Johnny Seay with Bassman Pee Wee Moore and Guitaramn, Jerry McGee. When I was on the Hayride, my band and I drove over to Ft. Worth now and then to do the Cowtown Hoedown. 71472893 Johnny Seay 2008 73549122 Johnny Seay & Hoyt Axton 1961 73565520 This is a photo I made of my Great Grandfather Will Dutton, born 1867, died 1953. I made this picture in 1953 when I was 12 or 13, not sure of the date, with an old box camara in my grandmother's livingroom. 74103834 This is from the Nashville Tenniseean News Paper. I don't have all for the clipping, but if any of you can send me the rest of it, I would love to include it here. It is about me writing a song about Willie and Nellie York and it shows me singing it on the Grand Old Opry in 1970. There is also a seven page article in LIFE Magazine about the song and the people I wrote about I'm going the try and include here from July 17, 1970. 74103835 My manager at the time, Gene Nash and me at a Premier for a movie I was in titled "What Am I Bid" starring Leroy VanDyak, Faron Young, Tex Ritter and Johnny Seay 78704350 This is the Justiceburg, Texas school where my daughter Shannon attended school when I worked on the Miller Ranch. This little school turned out some great kids through the years. Sadly, it is now closed and in ruins. 76781284 Shannon Seay & Riley Miller 76781285 Johnny making a turn crop dusting in the Grumman Ag Cat 73656727 July 1983 Crash July 1983. Dad just got out of the hospital and was taken to see the crash site and what was left of his beautiful Stearman Cropduster. 70384591 John's first Crop Duster. A WWll Stearman coverted to a Crop Duster. 70767454 Johnny fueling the Ag Cat 70767462 Early morning at the Hillsboro, TX airport. 73656729 Johnny flying Grumman Ag Cat 73656728 I was a young Railroad Brakeman on the Santa Fe when this photo was made at Paris, Texas in 1973. I started out as a brakeman on the Santa Fe Railroad, made Conductor and moved on to Locomotive Engineer. I have some great memories of my railroad day's, the best ones were running steam engines. 76781286 1965, target shooting at home in Franklin, Tenn. This photo was made on the forty acre place I leased from Marty Robbins. It was part of him farm where he lived. There is Johnny Seay, Luke, Shannon & Johnny Seay lll having a good day. 76781287 When I was an Engineer on the Fort Worth & Western RR LtoR;Fireman "Dapper Dan" Carey, Conductor Steve "Angry Man" Clark, Engineer "John Luther" Seay 77229165 "Governor's Special" The day we hauled Gov. Goerge Bush. Brakeman Wes White, Engineer John Seay, Fireman Clem Harris and Condr. Dan Carey. 77229166 A.T. & S. F. Ry. (Santa Fe) yard Cleburne, Texas 1973. I had worked on the Santa Fe a little over a year when this picture was made. 77464092 1973, Santa Fe Ry. days 77464091 Santa Fe 1973 78300168 1996 working on the FWWR engineering on the 2248 78833660 Backstage at the Grand Ole Orpy with my wife and Jan Howard 1992 78704554 Johnny Seay holding "Billy the Kid's" Winchester 1873 Carbine. Yes, I'm holding Billy the Kid's Winchester at the Texas Ranger Museum at Waco, Texas while filming a show about The Winchester Repeating Arms Co. during its early years. I wrote a song for the show, but its never been released on CD. I hope to record it for CD release. 78704349 This is something I wrote, about writing to song "Ballad of the Taranula Express". 78833661 John Seay 1983 flying Stearman Crop Duster This photo was made about a mile south of Arlington Airport, Arlington, Texas. All this land is now covered in house's. 78300167 !989. Flying for Bernett Flying Service in Ark. & Tenn. The plane is a Grumman Ag Cat B model with a 600 hp P & W engine. 78833659 Pulling the prop through at Anson, TX on my first Crop Duster. I had just bought this WWll Stearman converted to a crop duster by the American Dusting Co. and was about to fly her home. 79345760 One of my old instructor's, Joe Humphrey & me 1978. Joe was an Ex-Navy Instructor from WWll. 79345761 Taking off on the Miller Ranch at Justiceburg, TX. 1982. 79345762 Taking off at Godley, TX 1982. 79345765 The end of my Stearman 1983. I walked away from this July 11, 1983 at 9 pm. I was fly a little late. Sonny King, my loader told me it was to late to go out with another load, but I didn't listen and it cost a my plane. 79346975 My son Chancey, John Seay and Sonny King 1984. This was the replacement for my Stearman. 79345763 Star & John Seay 1985 79346971 201808321 201808280